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2 W / 1 M
Two Acts / 95 minutes

Chris Spencer's acting career has taken off and she's moving to Los Angeles.  There's one problem -- her emotionally fragile sister Abby wants to stay behind in New York City to care for a stranger who is dying from AIDs.   As far as Chris is concerned; that's not going to happen; no matter what boundaries she must cross.

Development History
HB Studio - 2015 Performance Lab
HB Playwrights Theater - 2016 Staged Reading
2016 Thomas Barbour Memorial Playwrights Award


4 M / 2 W
85 minutes

How far would you go to remove yourself from peril.  For Truman Joseph and his buddy  Baz, there's only one answer: Pack your toothbrush and get to Mexico.  But on the way, unexplained events -- starting with a car in a shack at the edge of a cornfield -- lead Tru to believe that his real peril may lie elsewhere. Tru finds himself on a tightrope between two different realities.  Which one will he choose on this road to an unexpected but all too real destination.

Development History
HB Studio - 2014 Acting Performance Lab
HB Playwrights Theater - 2016 Full Lab Production



3 W / 3 M
Two Acts

Rejected twenty years earlier by a father once her hero, Tracy Pearson receives news from her mother that her father is sick with cancer but refusing treatment that could extend his life. Pressed by her mother to become involved, Tracy must decide whether to walk away or to stay and face her unforgiving father, her past, her mother's hard opinions and her own 11 year old son's unraveling faith in her.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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