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4 M / 2 W
Two Acts

Drunken, 30 something Rick Sampson finds himself in a bad situation when he learns that the college boy he's just been kissing is actually the high schooler son of his boss.


When Rick runs from the scene, he's followed by Leo; who begs him for the love and attention he deeply craves.

Despite turning Leo away, Rick finds himself caught up in Leo's life and future.  Years later, when Leo is in serious trouble, it's Rick alone who can come to Leo's rescue.




2 M / 1 W

May is convinced her best friend Tim should meet and marry her lonely brother Danny and even insists on setting them up.

What May doesn't know could hurt her.  Tim and Danny know one another; have shared a chapter actually; and Tim despises Danny. Or rather, Tim is wildly attracted to Danny but knows a secret about Danny that makes anything between them a non-starter.

Unavoidably thrown together by an unrelenting May, Tim now finds himself gravely concerned about Danny's secret and must decide whether to tell May.

Life On Mars


3 M / 3 W
Two Acts

1985.  Jenny's older brother Kevin.  A recent, unexplained suicide.


Jenny travels to New York City to meet Kevin's roommates: Maternal Linda, love-starved Eric; and angry lawyer Dane who spews wild accusations at Jenny before he orders her away.


Is Dane out on a limb or does Jenny have a clue? Jenny finds herself tangled in a web as she comes to terms with a Kevin she did not know.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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