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Badge and Lee, two high school seniors, ready to graduate and take the world and adulthood by storm, must first confront one thorny piece of adult business that stands between them.

2 males, both 18 years old

Running time: 11 minutes

small things on planet earth

Fifteen year old Frankie to 16 year old Kevin:


"I seen the things you've done.  Shootin’ BB guns at cats, beatin’ on your dog, pullin’ wings off of birds.  You hurt things for no reason at all.  You make things disappear. Then you pretend like you don’t know."


When Somali-born teenager Zahra races to her best friend Lanie's house to share news that something is amiss with the tickets for their soon-to-happen round the world trip, she unfortunately discovers that the dreams of one are not always the dreams of others.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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