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Your Momma sold the last of them stocks a couple month ago.



I don’t believe you.



Had to. She needed the money Miss Ellen.



She had plenty to live on.


She lost everything she owned.  Lost everything but that stock.  She wouldn’t sell that stock.  Held on to that stock for you.   Leave something for you.  She want to make things up to you.  Starved herself to do it.



Look, don’t get me wrong.  I like Mr. Tennabe.  I like him a lot.  He’s a very nice man.  But I’ve been lost without you Ursula.  My life changed when you left.  I couldn’t eat or sleep for nearly a year; the memories of you.  -- Our Friday night pizza parties for two.  You beating me at basketball on Saturday mornings.  Our card games.  The Nintendo.  Our NFL and NHL cable packages.  Guitar Hero.  None of it was the same without you.  Just give me an explanation.


WALTER:  Theo, hiatal hernias do not run in our family.


THEO: What are you talking about; Dad had it; Gramps died from it.

WALTER: Grandpa did not die from a hernia. I don't know where you got your information on that.

THEO: From Uncle Charlie.

WALTER: Uncle Charlie?

THEO: Yeah.

WALTER: And you believed him?

THEO: Yeah.

WALTER: What was Uncle Charlie's nickname?

THEO: Huh?

WALTER: What did everyone call him?

THEO: I know what everyone called him.  That don't mean nothin. (Pause)  So what everyone called him "Braindead Johnson."  He was a very intelligent man.

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