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3 M / 2 W
Two Acts / Fixed Set

3 years ago, Paul Jericho walked out on his busy NYC life and started a brand new one on a farm in rural Pennyslvania.  When Nick Early, Paul's ex, shows up on his doorstep this hot summer day with plans to win Paul back, Nick's plans are instantly derailed by Paul's two mysterious and colorful house guests. Believing that Paul is in danger, Nick decides to come to Paul's rescue.



a mean-spirited comedy FilleD with love

2 W / 2 M
Two Acts

Fury is a fast moving train.

Laurie sets out to dismantle her own marriage to big bully Jim; with her sister Alice's marriage to free-spirited Jimmy in play as bonus fodder.  Secrets are revealed, games are played, and nothing is as it seems as the four discover who should or should not be together.

You Can't Play Barbie's When Someone Has Stolen Their Heads

blue barbie 6.2.jpg
4 W / 2 M
Two Acts / Fixed Set

As young Julie explains in her opening doll house story...  Ten years earlier a monster came to town and ate all the men except for Julie's Uncle Sandy who hides away in a small dark cave with hopes to never be found.

Today, the monster has come back for the women -- sweet Julie, Mommy Rozzy, Grammy Norma, and the pregnant stranger named Lisa who has suddenly appeared at their door.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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