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A bloodless


4 M / 2 W
Two Acts / Fixed Set

Katie and Bris are life-long friends who moved to New York City.

Katie's an optimist; Bris is not.

Katie invests in romance, love, and turning water into wine.

Bris believes in what she can taste, feel and verify.

Katie adores New York; Bris has grown to hate it.

There has to be a conflict in there somewhere.

Or is it when the perfect specimen of a man shows up?



3 W / 4 M
Two Acts / Fixed Set

Death and destruction have come to everyone Lillybelle has loved.  Everyone, that is, but her nephew Jimmy, and her niece Laura -- each who follow a different path  -- one into darkness, the other into light; and Lillybelle may have to choose between them.

7 D


7 W / 5 M
Two Acts

A bike path,

A flat tire,

Will Cooper's life

is changed for good.

An urbanite's epic journey


Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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