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The woman died.  Our co-worker was killed.  Someone we saw and talked to every day.  She’s dead.



I know that.



You could show a little respect.



Right now I need to work.


Erin and Kelly, ex-best friends who have not spoken in ten years, find themselves in an awkward position when Erin returns from maternity leave and finds that Kelly has been hired by her company and reports directly to Erin’s boss.

When wealthy lifelong bachelor Peter Henry Odom, 58, awakens in shame and tries to get Carina Rose, a beautiful girl of 18, to leave his home before her father and the town find out that they’ve just spent an evening together, he’s met with Carina’s very different plans..


Do you know who you look like?  I’ve been meaning to tell you.  You look like Truman Capote.  Did you know?  Have you been told?  Or maybe you only look like the guy who played him in the film.  Not that first film with the big hairy serious actor.  Not him.  The little sweet-faced man in the other film that came right after.  Him.  Like a bowl of cherries I wanted to gobble up.  That’s who you remind me of.  You remind me of him.  Him or Truman Capote.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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