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The View from Here

"Look.  Crying makes me uncomfortable.  Especially when women cry.  There’s nothing worse than a crying woman. Maybe a crying father.  Not that I ever saw my father cry. My mother said he cried. Once. She said he cried while he was getting an enema, right before he had a hemmorhoid operation. But then who wouldn’t cry if they were getting either of those."


"You were voracious.  If I turned my back a second there’d be someone new on top of you.  The news got around quick.  Men lining up at the door, scratching and clawing, howling and snarling for admission.  I had to beat them down and send them on their way.  Except for the five firemen.  But who can deny firemen who risk their lives night and day."


Bobby.  I want you to listen to me.  Are you listening?  Bobby, something’s wrong with you. You hear?  You’re not being rational.  We need to figure out what’s happened.



The dog’s missing and that makes me irrational?



Just take the pill.



(Silent, shaking his head, then pointing, shaking his finger at her)

You…  You’re fucking with me aren’t you?  You’re just fucking with me.  Why are you fucking with me?   Stop fucking with me.

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Book no.3
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